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Event Masterminds

We are Chandler event planning masterminds in charge of all details for social and corporate events throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Our event planning process involves managing projects such as weddings, trade shows, special occasions, corporate events, team building activities, holiday parties, and corporate galas.

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Your Successful Event

With our knowledge of event planning, we know how to make powerful live events. As part of our event planning process, we can establish a marketing and promotion plan to increase participation and create marketing goals to ensure our efforts are creating measurable results.

Our Event Planning Process ensures a client-centered experience that exceeds your expectations while meeting your timeframes and budget.

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Talk to our Event Coordinator for additional details about full-event services.

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We Handle the Details So You Can Enjoy the Event

A full wedding service suits couples who want to customize all of the details and vision of their wedding day, but have the need of a full support of a wedding planner.

When the event planner has established the details of an event, our Chandler event coordinator manages those details and logistics so you can enjoy the event!

Having an event coordinator with years of experience providing seamless and impeccable project executions from the point of start-up through the final stages leading right up to your event is priceless! That allows more stress-free time for you to focus on what is important to you.

Our professional Chandler event coordinator can structure an ideal event based on your direction, goals, budget, and vision. Their total time is devoted to creating and managing an event.

These are examples of the responsibilities of your assigned event coordinator:

Our event coordinator brings a vision to life, knows what works and what doesn’t work, and provides smooth sailing to relieve stress!

If you are planning to host an event, contact us early to prepare a quotation!

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Wedding, Special Occasion, or Company Event Planning

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We are among the best company event planners serving the greater Phoenix area!

Our Chandler company event planners have multiple responsibilities reaching far beyond planning. They possess a range of skills and abilities such as marketing, logistics, and research to ensure every part of an event is well-timed and well-organized from beginning to the very end.

The company event planner reviews vendor bids and selects those which meet the requirements and cost considerations. They carry out market research and review information concerning materials and resources needed for each event. Our creative company event planners generate fresh ideas to enhance the quality of an event.

These are reasons to choose us as company event planners for weddings, private and corporate holiday parties, special occasions, celebrations, corporate events, and trade shows:

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Wedding Day Management

The Wedding Day Management service is for couples who want to customize just the wedding day details but have the need of a full support and experience of a wedding planner.

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